The project is my senior design project in Istanbul Technical University, Control and Automation Engineering department; with my colleague Onurcan Akıncı. Dr. Ali Fuat ERGENÇ is the supervisor of the project; Rockwell Automation supported the work. Solution design, software developments and tests are performed in Power and Motion Control Laboratory in ITU, sponsored by Rockwell Automation.

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Onurcan, Dr. Ali Fuat Ergenc and Emir; after the project presentation


Project Summary and the Idea

The project is an integration and software solution which can operate on cloud-based, has various protocol gateways and API endpoints to communicate with industrial-grade hardware, can combine data from different data sources, process these data on complex event processing engines and lastly, can store or send the result data from its own to field devices. Platform is integrated to two geographically distinct industrial systems which is working at present, located in Turkey and China. Results of the integration and its benefits was observed on these systems. It has been noted that this integration is done with existing devices without the use of external hardware, to achieve flexible integration capabilities.

Extensively using; OPC-DA, OPC-UA and MQTT protocols, Siddhi Complex Event Processing Engine, python for protocol gateways, nodeJS and Node-RED for backend development, various noSQL databases for data logging, Amazon Web Services for infrastructure.

Here is the overall architecture of the solution I architected. I'll refer and explain the architecture in different approaches in the paper. But before lost in it, you can have an idea about what we did.

Infrastructure of Application-Independent Industry 4.0 Based Connected Smart Platform